Hippies Makeup

Hippies Makeup
Hippies Makeup

Hippies Makeup

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Bang the tambourine because it's the Age of Aquarius this Halloween and you're a hippie chick who's all about sharing peace and love! Express your art through makeup with the wonderful Hippies Makeup Kit!

Our Hippies Makeup Kit is packed full of everything you need to go from hum-drum to hippie hottie! This kit comes with four glitter packets, fake tattoos, a 6-color makeup tray and a makeup stick! There are even two sponge brush applicators included! Unleash your flower power this Halloween with the help of the Hippies Makeup Kit!

Item Includes:
4 Glitter Packets, 6 Color Makeup Tray, 1 Makeup Stick and 2 Sponge Applicators