Paparazzi Costume Kit

Paparazzi Costume Kit
Paparazzi Costume Kit

Paparazzi Costume Kit

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If you want a part of la dolce vida or you're a fan of TMZ (which everyone with class and taste is), then you'll want to consider the Paparazzi Costume Kit for this Halloween. Everyone goes through a photography phase and some of those people go through a celebrity photography phase. It's perfectly natural.

The Paparazzi Costume Kit comes with a press hat, a press pass (which kind of goes against the idea of being a paparazzi and all, but whatever, I don't judge), and an inflatable camera. Paparazzi are like anyone else, they're all part of the circle of life. Or the circle of life where you get photographed nude on a beach in Italy because you were in a couple of movies once.

Item Includes:
Press Cap, Press Pass and Inflatable Camera