Bad Chimp Mask

Bad Chimp Mask
Bad Chimp Mask

Bad Chimp Mask

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Get your hands on this costume, you damn dirty ape! Everything is better with monkeys and Halloween is no exception. The Bad Chimp Mask is for fans of simians (and who isn't? Jerks, probably) or for those who wish to warn mankind of apes rising up from their zoos and circuses and over-throwing us. Of course, even if the fear of a monkey planet isn't a realistic or appealing one, how can you disregard the simple pleasure of looking at a monkey? They're funny guys and they use their feet as hands. That's good enough for me in my book. And, yes, I'm aware that chimps are apes, not monkeys, but 'monkey' is a much funnier word.

The Bad Chimp Mask is for anyone who lives on the planet of the apes and wishes to destroy that pesky human threat once and for all.

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100% Latex