Unisex Toga Costume

Unisex Toga Costume
Unisex Toga Costume

Unisex Toga Costume

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Toga! Toga! Unisex toga! Whether youÕre a dude or a dame, people like togas and this is the toga for you. Some things are just classics, like the music of Irving Berlin or the martini. Why mess with perfection? The Unisex Toga Costume is exactly that. ItÕs perfection in a costume. You donÕt need to over think it, you donÕt need to dress it up, you just sling it on and prepare yourself for a great evening or some dialogues on the nature of reality. Boom. YouÕre set.

You can pretty much do anything with a Unisex Toga Costume like this. You can dress like Plato, Jesus, Queen Gorgo, the Emperor of Rome, some kind of pagan goddess, or just a guy who doesnÕt believe in pants. There are no wrong answers here. The world is your oyster with this one. The only limits are your imagination (plus shipping and handling).

Available in Sizes:
Standard and XL
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One Toga
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Care Instructions:
Hand wash cold. Mild soap. Do not bleach, twist or wring. Drip dry only.