Adult Owl Half Mask

Adult Owl Half Mask
Adult Owl Half Mask

Adult Owl Half Mask

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When they aren't eating voles or whatever whole or stealing children's lollypops, owls can look pretty wise. That's how you're going to look with an Owl Half Mask (assuming you aren't slavered with vole and candy at the time). Was it Hedwig (the owl not the German) that was Harry Potter's pet? I'm sure it was. People like those movies and people like owls. Two great tastes in one great mask. Owl Half Mask: You wear it on your face.

The Owl Half Mask is for that perfect look that says "Yeah, I'm pretty wise and I might keep a secret desert library, but I also hunt voles and shrews in the night. I'm like a smart, bird Batman in that regard."

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