Creepy Doll Mask

Creepy Doll Mask
Creepy Doll Mask

Creepy Doll Mask

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What is it about kidsÕ toys that are just so creepy? We didnÕt think they were creepy when we were young and now theyÕre everywhere and itÕs scary as heck. Just look at this Creepy Doll Mask. ThatÕs straight out of Nightmare Land. I hate it. I know for a fact that if this thing had a body and motor function, the first thing it would do is come for my soul. I donÕt need that. Then again, IÕd rather be the one wearing the Creepy Doll Mask than the one looking at it.

The Creepy Doll Mask is a full mask made to look like the shattered head of an abandoned childÕs doll. ItÕs the creepiest thing IÕve seen all day.

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