Adult Bulldog Half Mask

Adult Bulldog Half Mask
Adult Bulldog Half Mask

Adult Bulldog Half Mask

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ItÕs one of the symbols of England. Everyone loves a bulldog (except France, who has their own kind of Bulldog). TheyÕre big, theyÕre gruff, and cute in that ugly sort of way that few things ever are. Plus they snore and thatÕs pretty funny. Alright, letÕs sum up what weÕve established about Bulldogs (and the Bulldog Half Mask): TheyÕre tough and a bit silly, they snore, and theyÕre symbolic of the United Kingdom. That about square everything up? I think it does.

What are you still reading this for? Buy this mask! The Bulldog Half Mask. I canÕt tell if itÕs a French or an English bulldog, all I know is that no one else will know, so just pick your favorite one and prepare to look like a super-rad dog that snores.

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