Carnival Drama Mask

Carnival Drama Mask
Carnival Drama Mask

Carnival Drama Mask

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You know, Halloween isn't the only game in town. Lots of people celebrate Carnival (or, as it exists in America: Mardi Gras), which encourages the same kind of ribald festivity. People love drama and they love celebration, which is exactly why the Carnival Drama Mask can and will meet all of your comedic needs (people also love a good cry sometimes, which is where this mask comes in). You don't need to be Janus to see just how a mask like this could get a lot of use (pair it with our Carnival Comedy Mask for double the fun).

The Carnival Drama Mask is for all those who love drama, theater, weeping, Mardi Gras, or irony in all its forms.

Item Includes:
Mask only
Papier Mache