Jack Sparrow Pistol

Jack Sparrow Pistol
Jack Sparrow Pistol

Jack Sparrow Pistol

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A pirate has to have a weapon. A knight has to have armor and a mobster has to have a hat (or maybe spats). My point is that that if youÕre going as a pirate of any kind (Caribbean or otherwise), then you should pick up the Jack Sparrow Costume Pistol. The pitch perfect design is modeled to look exactly like a flintlock pistol from the 18th century. You donÕt even have to be a pirate everyone from a dragoon to a Napoleonic soldier to a duelist to a highwayman could use this fantastic prop in their costume. Grab the Jack Sparrow Costume Pistol this Halloween and complete whatever costume it is that youÕre working on.

The Jack Sparrow Costume Pistol is a great weapon to accessorize any pirate, soldier, sailor, or thief costume this Halloween.

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Toy Pistol