Skull Mace Costume Weapon

Skull Mace Costume Weapon
Skull Mace Costume Weapon

Skull Mace Costume Weapon

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I like imagining that the idea behind the Skull Costume Mace (besides being a cool accessory for whatever warrior costume youÕre wearing) is that itÕs a reminder of where to bash people. I imagine being a confused knight out on a battlefield and I forget where to hit people, I look at my mace for guidance and IÕm all, ÒOh yeah, the skull. I am supposed to bash evil doers in the skull. Thanks, Skull Costume Mace.Ó And then a bloody melee ensues. And not only is this a healthy reminder on how to comport yourself during mortal combat, but it also has a blade that pops out, which also opens up the skullÕs mouth. Not only does it look cool, but it is also hiding some pretty rad secrets.

The Skull Mace Costume Weapon is the perfect weapon for any warrior, knight, crusader, or dark lord or whatever this Halloween.

Item Includes:
Weapon Only
Item Dimensions:
18" Closed, 21" Open
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean
Handle - Abs, Blades - Eva