Dog Walrus Costume

Dog Walrus Costume
Dog Walrus Costume

Dog Walrus Costume

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Walruses are pretty crazy animals, aren't they? They're fat and weird looking and they've got these huge tusks and they live in the arctic. Then, when they get in the water, apparently, they turn into these graceful sea creatures and eat clam. They're like Chris Farley when he gets on ice skates. It's incredible. It is ridiculous in the best way possible.The Dog Walrus Costume comes with a foam printed headpiece with plush whiskers and foam padded costume with fins.

Walruses are nature's ballerinas and it is only natural that you would want your dog to look as graceful and silly as these guys are.If you love dogs and you love funny costumes and you love walruses, then not only do you have great taste, but we've got the costume for you: The Dog Walrus Costume.

Available in Sizes:
XS, Small, Medium and Large
Item Includes:
Foam Printed Headpiece with Plush Whiskers and Foam Padded Costume with Fins
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only
100% Polyester