Black and White Jester Cane

Black and White Jester Cane
Black and White Jester Cane

Black and White Jester Cane

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Every comedian has got his propsÔeven if he's some kind of twisted court jester with a skull for a face, he's got his props and stand-bys (besides the souls of orphans, as I'm sure you're aware). That's what the Psycho Jester Cane is. It's a strange accessory that sits somewhere between ribald and abject terror. I'm sure there's a French phrase for that. Clowns are perfectly terrifying and court jesters aren't far behind (plus they live in a castle and during the Middle Ages and that's prime evil sorcerer real estate).

The Psycho Jester Cane is more terror than you can shake a stick at and it's the perfect addition to the costume of an evil jester, a psychotic clown, or any other kind of horrific trickster. Or it can just be a costume on its own since nobody on this Earth is going to call out the guy with the crazy clown stick on Halloween.

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Cane Only
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Spot Clean
Head - Pvc, Cane - Abs