Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

Sexy Wonder Woman Costume
Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

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Wonder Woman is one of the great comic characters of all time. She's as strong as Superman and as dedicated as Batman and she does it all in heels. She's been in comics for seventy years and had two TV shows (one of them this year). She also has a propensity for tying criminals up after she overpowers and humiliates them with her martial skills. Think of that what you will.

If you were wondering how you make a Sexy Wonder Woman, considering she's never worn pants, the answer is pretty obvious: Add a bustier. The costume comes with that along with what you'd expect from the First Lady of Crime Fighting: a headband, petticoat, and armbands (Note: these aren't indestructible like her's are.) And you gotta admit, that is one of the poofiest skirts this side of Marie Antoinette. You don't even need to fight crime, you can just dazzle it into submission in this Sexy Wonder Woman Costume!

Available in Sizes:
XS/S, S/M, M/L and L/XL
Item Includes:
Headband, Bustier, Petticoat and Armbands
Pictured items not included:
95% Polyester and 5% Spandex
Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Cold or Dry Clean