Missle Head Mask

Missle Head Mask
Missle Head Mask

Missle Head Mask

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I don't personally know if he needs to be shot in the face and have a missile shot into his head, but I guess it's better safe than sorry, right? Can never under-kill a guy like that.

Anyways, the Missile Head Mask is of the world's favorite dead-as-heck terrorist that now lives under the seas with his sponge and starfish friends (as I can only assume his is). Don't be afraid to rub it in this Halloween by adorning the Missile Head Mask which is a 3/4" mask of a dead Osama bin Laden with a live American missile precariously perched in his turban. It's basically the greatest thing ever to happen to Osama bin Laden's head and you can be there to celebrate and mock his not-timely-enough demise this Halloween.

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3/4 Mask
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Polypropylene & Synthetic Fiber