Child KISS The Demon Wig

Child KISS The Demon Wig
Child KISS The Demon Wig

Child KISS The Demon Wig

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Gene Simmons' skull spaghetti is as iconic as any of the kabuki-style makeup they where or the blood pumping riffs that have cascaded KISS from the mean streets of New York City directly into our hearts and minds. That's where the Child KISS The Demon Wig comes in. It says "I know I'm going to die and I don't care, so I might as well dress right for Halloween and rock that whole holiday right down to its foundations." In so many words. That's what rocking and rolling all night does, it destroys all things that are not built up to rock code.

The Child KISS The Demon Wig is the ultimate accessory in the field of Gene Simmons technology. It's the perfect item to top off any KISS fan's outfit this Halloween.

Item Includes:
One Wig
Pictured items not included:
Demon Costume