Sarah Palin Wig

Sarah Palin Wig
Sarah Palin Wig

Sarah Palin Wig

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Hey, Sarah Palin is more than just another pretty face rounding the political circuit. And there's a lot of them running around. Michelle Bachman. William F. Buckley. And then there's Joe Biden. Talk about a heart-throb, right? Sarah Palin is much much more. She's also a great head of hair. The Sarah Palin Wig is that one special thing you need to finish off that costume of America's soon to be president.

The Sarah Palin Wig comes on its own, but it's all you need. With that following mane you don't need much else. Well, maybe some glasses and a revised history book on Paul Revere or something.The Sarah Palin Wig, when you absolutely positively must dress up as a GOP VP candidate except no substitutes!

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