Old English Mustache

Old English Mustache
Old English Mustache

Old English Mustache

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IÕll say, old boy, weÕre in a spot of bother, arenÕt we? From Brighton to Birmingham, the Old English Mustache is the best costume mustache in all of England. Whether youÕre a posh geezer or a china, IÕm sure you can see the appeal of this mustache. Unfortunately the mustache has become a lost art. Back when Queen Victoria owned half the world you couldnÕt throw a stone without hitting some bloke with a mustache and now look at usÑweÕve talked the whole globe out of awesome facial hair. ItÕs a sad state of affairs, that. CÕest la vie. At least we have costume accessories like the Old English Mustache that hearken back to better days. . . I mean, in terms of facial hair.

The Old English Mustache harkens back to the golden age of facial hair and hints at the possible return of that glorious epoch. It doesnÕt matter if youÕre a soldier, a cowboy, a big game hunter, or simply a mustache aficionado, this is a great accessory. Tally-ho!

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100% Nylon
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Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry