Wonder Woman Boot Covers

Wonder Woman Boot Covers
Wonder Woman Boot Covers

Wonder Woman Boot Covers

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Even if Wonder Woman is Greek, she can't be fighting crime in sandals. That'd be embarrassing. Instead, she wears something like these Wonder Woman Boot Covers. Without something like this the outfit is incomplete and how are you supposed to fix the world's woes without the right footwear? I sure don't know. So, as far as I figure, let's not risk it. Instead pick up the Wonder Woman Boot Covers for this year's Halloween or Comic Con.

The Wonder Woman Boot Covers are as iconic as the DC Amazon's headband or her lasso of truth and are just the right accessory to round off your costume of Diane Prince.

Item Includes:
One pair of Boot Covers only
Knit 100% Polyester
Available in Sizes:
The boot covers are a standard size 8 - 10.Ê The belt size is 36" to 38".
Pictured items not included: