Diving Bell Headpiece

Diving Bell Headpiece
Diving Bell Headpiece

Diving Bell Headpiece

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If you're a fan of Jacques Cousteau, Steve Zissou, or Salvador Dali, then you will love the Diving Bell Headpiece. Nowhere near as heavy as a real diving bell helmet, it still manages to have all of the old timey awesomeness of those great underwater explorers. Even without a high-powered spear gun or an electric submarine to appreciate the value inherent to a suit such as this.

The Diving Bell Headpiece comes with a burnished golden helmet (with a breathing tube), as well as a matching quilted suit.

Get someone to man the bellows and get to partying this Halloween with the Diving Bell Headpiece! Let's see that smart-alecky butterfly try to beat that!Whether you're wracked with the bends or barely even enjoy swimming, the Diving Bell Headpiece is probably the outfit for you.

Available in Sizes:
Adult Size
Item Includes:
Helmet only
Pictured items not included:
Gold Tunic Costume
80% PVC / 20% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only