Adult Domo Halloween Costume

Adult Domo Halloween Costume
Adult Domo Halloween Costume

Adult Domo Halloween Costume

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The mascot and CEO of NHK TV and lovable rapscallion Domo-kun is now available in a wonderful costume. The Adult Domo Halloween Costume is a large scale jumpsuit of the most huggable TV mascot in history. He is also probably the only TV mascot that lives in a cave.The Adult Domo Halloween Costume only comes with a jumpsuit, but when you're Domo-kun, that's all you need! That and a child-like wonder of the world around you. That and maybe a rabbit grandpa. And a love of potato stew and meat. But those last few things can take care of themselves. The hard part is picking out the right costume for Halloween night and if this outfit on the market, you shouldn't have a thing to worry about.This adorable jumpsuit is the Adult Domo Halloween Costume, which is the pinnacle in Japanese mascot design.

It doesn't get better than this.

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One Size Only
Item Includes:
Body Suit and attached gloves
70% Polyester, 30% EVA
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only, Air Dry