Bug Antenna Headband

Bug Antenna Headband
Bug Antenna Headband

Bug Antenna Headband

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People say they don't like bugs, but let's consider all that they do for us. They make our honey, they create deadly traps for other bugs, and they inhabit the many science fiction films that keep us entertained on this long road we call life. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a bug fan and if you're one, as well, you should pick up the Bug Antenna Headband.

Just look at what this all includes. It's got a crazy curly antenna, along with some freakish fly eyes. It's as cute as it is sort of gross. A great combination for Halloween.

Bugs, love Óem or hate Óem, the Bug Antenna Headband has something to offer everyone.

Available in Sizes:
One Size Only
Item Includes:
Headband only
75% Polyester / 25% Cotton
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only, Air Dry