Pot Head Glasses

Pot Head Glasses
Pot Head Glasses

Pot Head Glasses

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What can be said about the Pot Head Glasses that hasn't already been said in a thousand reggae liner notes? It's a marijuana themed hat. Hemp. Hash. Boom. There you have it. Whether you're wearing it for Halloween or Bob Marley's birthday or spontaneously decide to throw it on five days after Tax Day, you've got plenty of good reasons to put this on your dome piece.

Get a load of the Pot Head Glasses this Halloween (or, you know, whenever, man). Don't bogart the joy of the holidays, pass it around. And another thing, I've got this song that you really, really need to hear. Also, money is just, like, paper, man. For the man who has everything (but maybe forgot where he put it), these are the glasses. 420, wear glasses erryday.

See the world through hemp-tinted lenses this Halloween or concert with the Pot Head Glasses.

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Standard - One Size
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Pair of Sunglasses