Charlie Sheen Black Wig

Charlie Sheen Black Wig
Charlie Sheen Black Wig

Charlie Sheen Black Wig

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Is there a more famous hairline in the news right now? Well, probably, but there isnÕt one as hilarious and as steadfastly opinionated as CharlieÕs. From Platoon to Hot Shots to Two and a Half Men Charlie SheenÕs manic set of talents have appeared over and over again along with his hair as celebrated in the Charlie Sheen Black Wig. Now you too can be winning and full of tigerÕs blood and all of that with the flick of a wrist and the doffing of a high quality coif such as this.

The Charlie Sheen Black Wig is for anybody whose brain fires in such a way that is not of this terrestrial plane. Get on the Charlie train this Halloween with the Charlie Sheen Black Wig! WINNING!

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Charlie Sheen Wig
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