Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig

Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig
Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig

Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig

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The Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig is a great costume accessory of countryÕs musicÕs iconic queen (but not the first lady of country, that would be Tammy Wynette). SheÕs as much of an icon of fashion as she is of country music, as well. If you were going to go as one female country music star it would have to be Dolly Parton, wouldnÕt it? You might like June Carter more, but she doesnÕt exactly scream ÒMake a costume of me!ÓIn the immortal words of the Ms. Parton, ÒIt cost a lot of money to look this trashy.ÓDolly is a lady who knows whatÕs going on. As much as I trust her regarding the art of fashion, you donÕt have gone gold to look the way you want for Halloween. Just pick up the sultry good looks of the Dolly Parton Long Blonde Wig!

When it comes to country music, itÕs hard to be more beloved and more recognizable than if you wore the Dolly Parton Long Blonde Halloween Wig.

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