50's Black Outsiders Wig

50's Black Outsiders Wig
50's Black Outsiders Wig

50's Black Outsiders Wig

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You ever been in a knife fight and just paused to think, ÒMan, this whole thing could really use some quality wig action.Ó Your prayers have been answered with the 50Õs Black Outsiders Wig. Finally. ItÕs perfect if you ever find yourself in a rumble, a ramble, or some sort of a fracas.You ever play chicken in a corvette over your best girl? Then you need the 50Õs Black Outsiders Wig. This costume accessory comes straight out of the decade that brought us the Eisenhauer administration, Leave it to Beaver, Googie architecture, the TV dinner, and, of course, great haircuts. Just look at this bad boy. You ever hogtie a squirrel rolling in your gravel? Good.

If youÕre going as a biker or a rocker or classic Native American rocker Link Wray then pick up the 50Õs Black OutsiderÕs Wig for Halloween.

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Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry