Turtle Halloween Costume

Turtle Halloween Costume
Turtle Halloween Costume

Turtle Halloween Costume

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Say what you want about Charles Darwin, but thereÕs a reason heÕs so famous. ItÕs because ofÑthatÕs rightÑturtles, or, more specifically the great and noble Galapagos tortoise. As great and as reliable as the Turtle Halloween Costume is, just remember that running into the sewers and covering yourself in toxic waste will neither make you teenage, a mutant, or a ninja. It will kill you. DonÕt get killed this Halloween, just wear a cool costume.

Whether ninja or normal or giant and covered in orcs and used as a man-o-war, turtles are pretty fantastic. Dress as one today with the Turtle Halloween Costume. ItÕs simple. ItÕs funny. ItÕs recognizable. WhatÕs not to love about something such as this? Turtle! Turtle!

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Standard - One Size
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One Piece Body and Gloves
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