Tween Cheeseburger Costume

Tween Cheeseburger Costume
Tween Cheeseburger Costume

Tween Cheeseburger Costume

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Nothing says "excellent Halloween costume like the thought, "Man, I'd like to take a bite out of that person." And, unless there's a zombie apocalypse or you're a guard in a mental ward, the Tween Cheeseburger Costume is an excellent choice for holiday dress-up.

Just look at it. This thing is stacked top to bottom. It's got cheese, lettuce, onions, and a fine patty. Oh, sure, it doesn't have bacon or chili, but when has a good cheeseburger ever had to rely on those things to make it great? It doesn't! And neither does this costume. If you like simple and fun costumes then pick up the Tween Cheeseburger Costume today! And, for the record: Yes you can haz cheeseburger costume. You can haz all the cheeseburger costumes.

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Size 7-10
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One Piece Body
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Shirt, Pants and Shoes