Kids Area 51 Alien Costume

Kids Area 51 Alien Costume
Kids Area 51 Alien Costume

Kids Area 51 Alien Costume

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It's about time that aliens made a comeback. Whether greys or greens or lizard men or springing out of the chest of classic British actors or the black oil , they deserve to be on the forefront of our fears. Aliens are pretty darn great. That's why the Kids Area 51 Alien Costume exists. It uses the recognizable and likeable imagery of the alien explorer and adds the caveat "We do not come in peace" (Do they ever?).

This intergalactic escapee, fresh from a stint in the mysterious depths of a secret underground bunker is the Kids Area 51 Alien Costume. You don't need an autopsy to see how appealing of an idea that is. This costume comes with a terrifying mask, a jumpsuit declaring "Property of Area 51" (how can somebody own an alien, I mean, really now!), and a pair of vinyl character claws. It's everything a monster from outer space needs to have a scary and successful Halloween night.

Available in Sizes:
Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Maks, Jumpsuit, Character hands
Pictured items not included:
100% Polyester
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Spot Clean Only