Kids Alien Agent Costume

Kids Alien Agent Costume
Kids Alien Agent Costume

Kids Alien Agent Costume

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It's about time that aliens made a comeback. Whether greys or greens or lizard men or buried beneath the surface of the earth for a millennial, they deserve to be on the forefront of our fears. Aliens are pretty darn great. That's why the Kids Alien Agent Costume exists. It has the basic sense of unease you get when you look into the eyes of an alien invader, but then adds the terror of this alien also being a government employee.

And, hey, just because they aren't from this planet or are human, that doesn't mean they can't work for the man. That's specist, man. If you enjoy the idea of the men in black and have been known to peruse through an x-file or two in your day, then pick up the Kids Alien Agent Costume for Halloween. This outfit comes with a mask, a jacket, pants, and a dickey with an attached tie. It's everything an alien agent needs to look scary and sartorial sound.

Available in Sizes:
Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Mask, Jacket, Pants, Dickey, Tie
Pictured items not included:
Gun, Shoes
100% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Spot Clean Only