Squirrel Mask

Squirrel Mask
Squirrel Mask

Squirrel Mask

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Squirrels are adorable. We're ready to call this a fact. When you're wanting to bring this super cute tree-jumping rodent to life, this mask is certain to do the trick! Provide that final element to your Halloween costume with our wonderful Squirrel Mask today!

Whether hiding your acorns in a tree, or jumping from limb to limb without a care in the world, you'll have an adorable look come Halloween that no one else can deny! This latex mask fits completely overhead and has the chubby cheeks you've come to know and love from a squirrel! Whether you want to lay claim to nuts in the jar or you simply desire to be a nuisance to every dog in the neighborhood, our Squirrel Mask is the right choice for you! Pick up this lovely latex mask today!

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