Zombie Ani-Motion Mask

Zombie Ani-Motion Mask
Zombie Ani-Motion Mask

Zombie Ani-Motion Mask

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If youÕre going to go undead this Halloween, you really have to bring it hard. The Zombie Ani-Motion Mask is just what the witch doctor ordered. This horrific mask is not only the pitch-perfect representation of a ghoulÕs rotting mug, but thanks to modern mask technology, itÕs jaw is actually articulated! It opens up, making that threat of being bitten all that much more real!

If you want to stand out from the rest of the shambling flesh-eaters on Halloween, then the Zombie Ani-Motion Mask is the accessory to grab! ItÕs a zombie! ItÕs a mask! ItÕs a no-brainer! (Unless of course your brains were eaten by zombies, in which case, I am so, so very sorry).

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PU Mask w/ ABS - Mask infrastructure