Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt

Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt
Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt

Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt

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But who has the time? Not me, thatÕs for sure! If youÕre a cat thatÕs on the go and doesnÕt truck with Ògetting fit,Ó then the Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt is right up your alley! Watch your puny arms and abs disappear under a layer of hardened muscles! Forget lifting weights, with these puppies on, youÕre going to want to chuck them through a brick wall and eat a bull whole. It gets you pumped!

Oh sure, thereÕs no correlation to actually being stronger, we all know that! You wonÕt be able to crush an apple with your biceps or rip a phonebook in half, but youÕll look like it! ItÕs the Plus Size Muscle Chest Shirt! A great look for this Halloween!

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Pants and Shoes
100% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Hand wash separately in cold water. Line dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron.