Seductive Wig - Auburn

Seductive Wig - Auburn
Seductive Wig - Auburn

Seductive Wig - Auburn

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Is there any better fictional humanoid that has better hair than a mermaid? I donÕt think there is, so itÕs only appropriate that the WomenÕs Mermaid Wig looks as good as it does. ItÕs a great choice to add to any number of costumes.

And hereÕs another thought: I bet that merfolk donÕt spend a lot of money on conditioner. If you want to top off that mermaid or that princess costume this Halloween, then pick up the WomenÕs Mermaid Wig.

Available in Sizes:
One Size Fits Most Adults
Item Includes:
100% Synthetic Fiber
Care Instructions:
Fill a basin with cold water only. Add a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Drip dry.