Mens Circus Ringleader Costume

Mens Circus Ringleader Costume
Mens Circus Ringleader Costume

Mens Circus Ringleader Costume

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Hear ye, hear ye, the circus is in town! Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages and sizes the old circus maximus has come in to town just in time for All Hallows Eve! Rest assured that everyone from a babe to a bag and back again will fall in love with you the moment they set eyes on this sartorial vision! You can never cheat an honest men, nor smarten up a chump! Yes, dames and sirs, this outfit right here is a bona fide, genuine Men's Circus Ringleader Costume! Nothing occurs under the big top without his say so unless he says so! He's the maximum rex, the big kahuna, the suzerain of all there is to see!

If I were an impolite man, I'd tell you that if you can find a better costume, I'd call you a liar! But since I'm not, I will not, so rest assured this is the height of excitement. This fandangled get-up comes with everything an apprentice lion tamer or an expert lion feeder could ever need! It has a long coat with a chain closure! It has a vest! It has a dickie with an attached bowtie! It has a top hat! And it even has boot covers! It's a dream! It's the Men's Circus Ringleader Costume!

Available in Sizes:
Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Coat, Vest, Dickie, Hat and Boot Covers
Pictured items not included:
Pants and Shoes
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold Gentle cycleNo bleach Hang dryCool iron if necessary