Inflatable Ostrich Costume

Inflatable Ostrich Costume
Inflatable Ostrich Costume

Inflatable Ostrich Costume

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Don't stick your head in the sand this Halloween! Take a gander at the exciting style of the Inflatable Ostrich Costume. Ostriches also known as the "giant running birdsÃ’ or the "king omelet makersÃ’ are just about the coolest birds this side of the Atlantic. Even the mighty peacock and the noble eagle can't compete with this giant bird. They're also one of the few bird alive that can kick a dude in the face without even trying. What's more is that this costume comes with a battery powered fan to keep that bird nice and inflated.

Who among you wouldn't ride an ostrich if given the chance? Now you can! The Inflatable Ostrich Costume is a great selection for Halloween! Plus it comes with a fake pith helmet! It's win-win!

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Inflatable Ostrich Costume
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Pants, Shoes
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Avoid getting moist or wet
Nylon, Plastic, Metal