Medieval King Cape

Medieval King Cape
Medieval King Cape

Medieval King Cape

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A king must have a cape! ItÕs the most important part of a kingÕs ensemble! ThatÕs why we have the Medieval King Cape! Oh sure the crown is important and the scepter is pretty important looking and great to strike down peasant revolts with (I would imagine), but the cape is what ties it all together! Without such an article of clothing how else would a king dramatically enter or exit a room? With a smoke bomb? HeÕs a regent, not a ninja! ThatÕs ludicrous!

If you go as the king this Halloween you had best not miss! The Medieval King Cape is a great accessory and will make a fine addition to either a costume or a court menagerie. With this accessory you can also say things like ÒBring me my flagon forthwith!Ó and ÒOff with his head!Ó with actual and real authority. And remember in the game of thrones you either win or you die.

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