Wolverine Soft Claws

Wolverine Soft Claws
Wolverine Soft Claws

Wolverine Soft Claws

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Did somebody say ÒSnikt?Ó Wolverine isnÕt much without his famous adamantium claws, thatÕs why we have the Wolverine Soft Claws available for your Halloween. They slice, they dice, they ruin yakuzasÕ day. TheyÕre exactly what the baddest X-Men in existence needs. And if youÕre going as the Canucklehead this Halloween, then I think youÕll need them too. Plus, you can also always dress up as Daken or X-23. You could also use these to go as Romulus, but who wants to go as one of the Lupines? TheyÕre the worst. The. Worst.

This costume accessory is the best at what it does and what it does ainÕt pretty (namely eviscerating evil ninjas). The Wolverine Soft Claws are just what every mutant superhero needs to complete his or her costume. After all, Mystique isnÕt going to stab herself.

Item Includes:
One Pair of Claws
Shell Face & Back 100% Polyester, Foam 100% Polyurethane, Fiberfill 100 % Polyester
Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Cold. Do Not Bleach. Line Dry. Cool Iron If Needed. Do Not Dry Clean.