Girls Greek Princess Costume

Girls Greek Princess Costume
Girls Greek Princess Costume

Girls Greek Princess Costume

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Royalty never goes out of style! ThatÕs why weÕre still dressing up as kings and queens and viscounts hundreds or even thousands of years after theyÕve shuffled off this mortal coil! The Classical world is no different! If you love the classical world as much as you love having class then the GirlÕs Greek Princess Costume is the outfit to get.

The style and the culture of the ancient Greeks will live on forever! ItÕll always look great and itÕll always find purchase in the fertile grounds of Halloween. It doesnÕt matter if you have a specific Greek matriarch in mind or even a goddess or perhaps you just want to go as a simple princess of your own design this costume has will deliver come Halloween night. The GirlÕs Greek Princess Costume is a great concept, a great costume, and would make a great selection for this Halloween.

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Small, Medium, and Large
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Dress with attached Drape and Head Piece
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Spot Clean Only