Hippie Rock Star Wig

Hippie Rock Star Wig
Hippie Rock Star Wig

Hippie Rock Star Wig

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Aw, yeah, man. If you dig far out styles from the way back past, man, then dig the Hippie Rock Star Wig. Or don't. Whatever, you know? I'm not here to hassle nobody. That's strictly Square business, you dig? From Haight-Ashbury to the East End on down to Shangri-La this new age rock n' rolla is just what the doctor ordered if you're rockin' the 1960's counter-culture look for this Halloween. It's perfect to try to break on through to the other side.

This is a comical little geezer. It'll look funny when it's fifty, which I do suppose is the point. If you need a bohemian atmosphere the Hippie Rock Star Wig is the accessory for you.

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Standard - One Size
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Glasses, Costume
Synthetic Fiber
Care Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry