Adult Giraffe Costume

Adult Giraffe Costume
Adult Giraffe Costume

Adult Giraffe Costume

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How cute is this? A cozy Giraffe Costume? Giraffes being one of the tallest land walking animals of our time, would put this costume high up in the running for the most adorable costume ever. Everybody loves a Giraffe, so why wouldn't they want to see one that's five feet tall and doesn't hang over everyone because it thinks it's superior? Giraffes are fantastic. Halloween costumes are fantastic. Two great tastes that go together. . . wait, no, that doesn't work at all.

This Adult Giraffe Cartoon is perfect for any fans of giant, adorable animals or safari enthusiasts. It's a giant, cute animal, let's not over think this.

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Standard - One Size
Item Includes:
One Piece Body
100% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, separate from other garments, lie flat to dry