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You can't go wrong with our line of Captain America Shield! Take a look at our selection, and team up with your friends to recreate The Avengers in style!

Captain America Shield

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A captain without a shield is like a bird without a feather! Check out our Captain America Shields! Any one of these is the perfect addition to your costume of the flying first Avenger! Whether you're avenging the death of your side-kick or you're avenging your own death or you're avenging some slightly more amorphous concept, then you'll need the weaponry to back you up!

From Dr. Zola to the yellow hooded weirdos at AIM to the occasional comrade, there is no wrong person to hit with Cap's shield! It's too awesome not to! If you're heading out on Halloween or going to a comic con, then check out our large array of Captain America Shields here at Costume Kingdom!

Hitting people with a shield in defense of liberty is no vice!

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