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Take Big Bird, Oscar and the gang to your Halloween gatherings with our Sesame Street Costumes! You'll have yourself in the lovable costumes of some of our favorite characters!

Sesame Street Costumes

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Fuzzy Elmo Sesame Street Infant/Toddler Costume
Retail Price: $50.00
Our Price: $20.70
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The Count Sesame Street Mens Halloween Costume size XL
Retail Price: $80.00
Our Price: $41.97
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If you’re on your way to where the air is sweet, we can tell you how to get to Sesame Street! First you have to turn left at Oscar’s trash can, walk a little past Ernie’s windows (don’t forget to say hi to the twitterbugs on your way), and follow the road down to Big Bird’s nest! Wait, was that confusing? Then never mind that! The quickest way to get to Sesame Street is through our Sesame Street Costumes for sale, with a broad selection of costumes to choose from!

If you loved this hit television show as a child, or simply want to celebrate the love you still share, Costume Kingdom's Sesame Street Costumes for kids will help you be part of one of the most internationally beloved shows ever! Take a magic carpet ride where every door will open wide when you get to our Sesame Street Costume theme! With our costumes, you can move the whole family onto that famous street!

There you might find a happily munching Cookie Monster costume or a trash-talking Oscar the Grouch costume! Ernie and Bert aren’t far behind, and with the right costume, you’ll be ready to sing songs to your rubber ducky or take care of your rooftop pigeon coup! If magic is what you’re after, perhaps the Kids Abby Cadabby Halloween Costume is for you! And if you love laughing, giving our Elmo costumes a tickle is easy as pie! You’ll find what you need in the Sesame Street Costumes theme, from boys to men and adults of all sizes!

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