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When you want to terrorize your friends, you'll have a perfect look for Halloween with our Bane Halloween Masks! Available at CostumeKingdom!


Bane Mask

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Adult Bane Deluxe Overhead Latex Halloween Mask
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Bane 3/4 Adult Halloween Costume Accessory Mask
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Get your Bane impression ready for this Halloween. The Bane Mask is the perfect accessory to complete your evil super villain outfit! Whether you're galabanting around on Halloween, breaking into the stock exchange, or just hanging around the house, looking awesome, you can't go wrong with a evil piece of accoutrement such as this.

If you look at Batman's rogues gallery, you will find the single greatest selection of villains outside of a convention for 00 agents. Just look at the names: Killer Croc, Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, Two Face, Ra's Al Ghul, Hugo Strange, and even chaps like KGBeast and NKVDemon are excellent baddies if only for their name! There is a small selection of men that can claim the title as the most frightening of them all and Bane is on the short list. After all, he is the man who broke the bat! Without him we wouldn't have Azrael or, more importantly, the smash hit film The Dark Knight Rises!

Now all you need is a heap of venom, a funny accent, and all consuming rage to destroy the Bat (and maybe a master plan of some sort, that never hurts for the villain crowd). Whether you're a fan of Bane from the long running comic book series, the fantastic animated series, the movies, or if you just like an accented man in a mask, you've come to the right place in the Bane Mask sub-theme. Now get out there and break the bat! Break him with style!

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