Child Gothic Wig - Spiker

Child Gothic Wig - Spiker
Child Gothic Wig - Spiker

Child Gothic Wig - Spiker

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Gothic guys live life by their own methods of madness, to say the least! Although always wearing black, these guys possess individuality. This Spiker style is no different than the other emo, gothic looks. If you can't live your everyday life by a rebel's rules, you can surely impersonate one and mimic their attitude!

The Child Gothic Wig features a raspy, black wig with spiky straight sections of hair sticking out haphazardly. This Spiker Child Gothic Wig will make your gothic costume complete. Now put on black eyeliner and white face make up, and truly feel the Spiker side of you explode through every pore!

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Standard - One Size Fits Most Children
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Shirt, Choker, and Faux Nose Ring
100% Polypropylene