70's Guy Wig - Black

70's Guy Wig - Black
70's Guy Wig - Black

70's Guy Wig - Black

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Ah, the 70's. Makes you feel at ease just by hearing the year "1970." Back then, everything seemed to be simpler, the hair was shaggier, and the music was livelier, too. Recap those old days of music playing and peace loving, by showing off a Black 70's Guy Wig. Travel back into the good old times, just by putting on the 70's Guy Wig.

You will love feeling those mellow vibes once more, and you'll love barely being recognized in a black, shag hairdo. The 70's Guy Wig features a black, straight haired, shaggy styled wig with layers reaching collarbone. 70's Guy Wigs are groovy, dude!

Item Includes:
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100% Polypropylene
Care Instructions:
Hand Wash in Cold Water with Mild Detergent or Shampoo. Air Dry.