Mens White Patriot Wig

Mens White Patriot Wig
Mens White Patriot Wig

Mens White Patriot Wig

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Patriotism never goes out of style and wood teeth and buckle shoes have waned in their popularity we have Halloween to revisit such things, because ghouls and mummies arenÕt the only thing coming back from the dead. You canÕt keep a good patriot down, thatÕs why we have the MenÕs White Patriot Wig. Because itÕs patriotic, darnit!

This accessory is the pitch perfect presentation of AmericaÕs revolutionary forefathers from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington on down to other chaps like Voltaire. Or, if youÕre feeling a bit cheeky, itÕd be the perfect addition to a General Cornwallis costume. The qualities of the Mens White Patriot Wig are self-evident and a great selection for Halloween. And remember ÒAim small, miss small,Ó whatever that means.

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Standard - One Size
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Synthetic Fiber
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Hand wash in cold water with mild shampoo - Air Dry