Mens Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Mens Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Mens Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Mens Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

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If you ever find yourself in Egypt land and some bearded vagabond starts going on about how you should "Let his people go," it's probably because you're wearing the Men's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. It stands to reason that you would be the first person any freedom fighter would bother if it came down to it.

The Men's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume comes with a tunic, headdress, a vinyl snake headpiece, vinyl armor, a belt, a vinyl belt drape, cuffs, and last, but not least, shin guards. Unfortunately the costume doesn't come with any weapons or several hundred thousand slaves (which is definitely a good thing since not only is it morally reprehensible, that is way too many guests to bring to a party). So, jump on your favorite chariot and get ready to have a rollicking good time.

Available in Sizes:
Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Tunic, Headdress, Vinyl Snake Headpiece, Chest and Collar Armor, Belt, Belt Drape, Cuffs and Shin Guards
Pictured items not included:
Sandals and Weapon
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, hang dry