Boys Zombie Ninja Costume

Boys Zombie Ninja Costume
Boys Zombie Ninja Costume

Boys Zombie Ninja Costume

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Zombies AND Ninjas? You better get onboard this trolley before the government outlaws the Zombie Ninja Costume for being too awesome. I feel that if Takashi Miike didnÕt already make this movie, he should (wait, did Versus have zombie ninjas or just zombies and ninjas? ItÕs been a while since high school). Anyways, donÕt let this opportunity pass you by.

What speed would a zombie ninja move at? Just, like, regular jogging speed? Because one animal moves super-slowly (zombie) and the other moves super-quickly (ninja). I donÕt know the exact math on this one. Whoever buys this outfit, let me know. HereÕs what I do know, the Zombie Ninja Costume (it just feels good typing that out, you know?) comes with a tabard, shirt with attached hood, pants, a fabric mask with a blood ninja star attached (rad), and a belt tie. ItÕs the complete package. So, wear this out for Halloween before the internet gets a hold of it and drives it into the ground.

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Small, Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Tabard, Shirt With Hood, Pants, Mask, Belt Tie
Pictured items not included:
Socks, Toy Weapon and Makeup
Care Instructions:
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, no bleach