Adult Alligator Half Mask

Adult Alligator Half Mask
Adult Alligator Half Mask

Adult Alligator Half Mask

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Gators are a cool animal. I feel bad for the kids who didn't go through a dinosaur and/or alligator phase in their earlier years (and since alligators and crocodiles actually are actually dinosaurs, there's a bit of overlap there). I feel bad for them because alligators (and crocodiles, caimans, and gavials) are dope as all get out. Check out this Alligator Half Mask out. You'll look like an Egyptian god with this number on. It'll be you, Anubis, Osiris, and maybe Set just chilling out on the Nile. Now there's a Halloween party.

Get in on that action with the Alligator Half Mask. Celebrate the holiday, dinosaurs, and Egyptian mythology all in one fell swoop. The Alligator Half Mask is for anyone who is into Egyptian mythology or still in their dinosaur phase (like I am, because reptiles are awesome).

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