Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume

Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume
Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume

Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume

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Now, traditionally when someone stares at a gorgon like Medusa, they turn to stone. I'm almost 100% certain that won't happen with the Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume. In fact, with a costume like this (which comes with its own lighting), thatÕs probably highly encouraged. So maybe the whole "turning into stone thing" is probably metaphorical.

The Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume includes a shimmer knit babydoll style dress (with plunging neckline embellished with Grecian-style details) and attached metallic gold arm-bands and cape. Inside the skirt, are several layers which includes innovative fiber-optic lights with a hidden pocket concealing the on/off switch (batteries included!). And, to top it all off it comes with a matching snake headpiece. The Light-Up Sexy Medusa Costume is perfect for any gal who is a fan of Greek mythology, wants to give that goody-two-shoes Perseus his comeuppance, or just likes the idea of a monster with a light up skirt.

Available in Sizes:
Small, Medium, Large and XL
Item Includes:
Dress, Snake Headpiece and Batteries
Pictured items not included:
92% Polyester 8% Cotton
Care Instructions:
Wipe Clean with Damp Cloth
Special Feature:
Skirt with green unique fiber optic lights and hidden pocket for on/off switch!